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Bioprocess Intensification - Fast, Flexible and Efficient Solutions

Published as a part of the BioProcess International supplement this compilation of articles details how our experts define “process intensification” and how end users can transition toward an increased productivity and economic sustainability of continuous processing.

“Equipped with such information, researchers can streamline and invigorate existing workflows - and move their companies closer to continuous processing and the next generation of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.” says Brian Gazaille, associate editor, BioProcess International.

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Table of Content:

  • A Small-Scale Perfusion Mimic for Intensified Process Development with CHO Cells
  • Integrated Tools for Upstream Process Intensification
  • How to Successfully Implement End-to-End Single-Use Technology in a Biologics Manufacturing Facility
  • Cell Retention and Harvest Technologies for Efficient Process Intensification Scenarios for Predicting the Most Cost Effective Strategies
  • Making Downstream Processing Continuous and Robust: A Virtual Roundtable
  • A Look into the Future of Bioprocessing: Driving Innovation in an Industry Dominated By a Conservative Mind Set
  • A Data-Driven Approach to Design Next-Generation Manufacturing Processes

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