Webinar: Selection and Implementation of an Intensified Manufacturing Platform

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Selection and Implementation of an Intensified Manufacturing Platform

As current biological product pipelines become more diverse, product demand and cost pressure are increasing. Therefore, future bio-manufacturing facilities or facility networks must be able to cope with varying demand quantities, demand fluctuations, diverse molecule types, and lower COG requirements. Multiple intensified process schemes for upstream and downstream processes are being developed by the Bioprocess industry to fulfill these and other market drivers.

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to choose the optimal upstream and downstream intensified strategy
  2. Discover the Sartorius’ intensified platform offering from process development to manufacturing, featuring modular and scalable Upstream and Downstream solutions
  3. Find out how to increase productivity while reducing upfront investment cost by 50%
  4. Learn how the incorporation of Sartorius‘s Data Analytics and Automation tools into the product lifecycle provides robust process control, leading to higher product quality and reduction in the cost of quality.

Meet Our Expert

Priyanka Gupta

Head of Market Entry Strategy | Protein-based Therapeutics

Priyanka Gupta heads the Market Entry Strategy Group for protein-based therapeutics.   In this role, she builds up the global segment market entry strategy and leads the team to promote the marketable offers that reflect the distinct needs of the target customer groups in the segment. Priyanka joined Sartorius in 2007 following several years at Amgen. Prior to this new position, Priyanka was Process Modelling Manager, where she built up the BioSolve process modelling capability at Sartorius. She has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology.

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