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Integrated Platform for Scalable, Flexible and Intelligent Upstream Process Intensification

The Biopharma industry is challenged by costs pressures, increasing numbers of low volume products with unpredictable demand and the advent of new less stable molecules, like bi-and multi-specifics that may not always be suitable for production in the standard Fed-Batch platforms.

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Flexible, Single-Use manufacturing plants, in combination with process intensification strategies, can deal with these multi-product, multi-modality portfolios and pipelines and are becoming a central part of biomanufacturers’ production infrastructure.

Watch this webinar and learn more about the Sartorius toolbox for the development and implementation of intensified upstream processes, including a cell line generation service, the high-throughput perfusion system Ambr®, integrated PAT and software tools combined with commercial scale bioreactors with perfusion capabilities.

Key Learning Objectives
  1. Find out how Upstream Process Intensification helps with increase in productivity
  2. What different types of Upstream Intensification processes brings to the table
  3. How the selection of the right clone and PD development at an early stage can help with scale-up and achieving the required process performance
  4. Find out why versatile options in seed train for manufacturing can fulfill the needs for lower COGs and higher flexibility

Meet Our Expert

Gerben Zijlstra

Process Technology Manager, Sartorius

Gerben Zijlstra has been working for Sartorius since 2016, where he is currently Process Technology Manager for Cell Culture Technologies. He has driven process intensification (PI) projects and has been involved in several in-house PI technology developments and improvements, as well as external collaborations and acquisitions. He earned his PhD from the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands, in the field of process integration in animal cell culture.

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