F6 - BioPAT® MFCS | DoE Module

Who should attend: Users who will utilize BioPAT® MFCS DoE module for process optimization.

Nowadays, DoE is one of the most important techniques for systematic planning and execution as well as statistical evaluation and modeling of experiments. Advanced by the FDA initiative for Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), the implementation of DoE in the development and design phase of products and processes is frequently applied.

Target of the training is to introduce DoE tools in combination with BioPAT® MFCS | win for your cost- and time-saving process optimization

Topics included:

  • Basics of Design of Experiment (DoE) methods
  • BioPAT® MODDE® and BioPAT® MFCS DoE module
  • Discover optimal operation conditions: screening, optimization and robustness test
  • Elimination of insignificant CPPs
  • Efficient identification of the relationship between critical 
  • quality attributes (CQAs) and critical process parameters (CPPs)
  • Objective statistical analysis
  • Process optimization with DoE for Fermentation | Cross flow applications

There are no special classes reqiured for this seminar

Course date | venue:

On Request

College, Goettingen

Language of Instruction: English
Course duration: 1 day
Seminar schedule:  
Begin first day: 09:00 am
End last day: 04:30 pm
Instructor: Mathias Reymann
Course fee: 500,- Euro (plus VAT)


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