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The partnership between Sartorius and action medeor dates back to 2015. As a life science group, Sartorius contributes to the development of new and better therapies and affordable medicine. Through our donations, people in need can be provided with life-saving medicines, medical personnel can be trained, and access to drinking water can be improved. In this way, we directly support medical care for people in need. Most recently, Sartorius supported action medeor in aiding the people affected by the devastating earthquake in turkiye and syria.

Founded in 1964, the non-governmental organization  action medeor e.V. is providing medical aid for healthcare facilities worldwide. Furthermore, action medeor implements sustainable health projects, supports the training of health personnel and strengthens the quality control of drugs. The aid is supported by donors such as Sartorius.


2023: Providing Assistance to Türkiye and Syria

Sartorius is donating €250,000 to action medeor to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

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2022: Healthcare Support in Guatemala

As part of its initiative "Donations instead of gifts", Sartorius is supporting health care in Guatemala with €100,000.

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2022: Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Action medeor is delivering medical goods to people in Ukraine. Sartorius is supporting these deliveries with a donation.

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2022: Pharmaceutical Training in West Africa

A donation of €20,000 will help to finance a feasibility study on improving pharmaceutical training in West Africa.

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2021: Midwifery School in Sierra Leone

Sartorius  supports a midwifery school in Sierra Leone with a €100,000 contribution as part of its “Donations Instead of Gifts” initiative.

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2020: Support for Medical Training in Tanzania

Providing laboratory equipment and healthcare trainings for young people in rural areas of Tanzania to strengthen the health infrastructure.

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2019: Coronavirus Emergency Aid in Congo

Supply of medical equipment and nutritional supplements for 14 health care facilities, among others, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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2018: Humanitarian Help in Yemen

Supply of medications and food supplements to health facilities in Yemen after four years of ongoing war and a collapsing economy.

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2016-2017: Mobile Clinic in Northern Iraq

Establishment of a mobile clinic for refugees in remote areas in northern Iraq through which about 2,000 patients per month could be treated.

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action medeor e.V.

Further information on the German Medical Aid Organization action medeor e.V. is available on their website.

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