Providing Urgent Help in Ukraine 

How medical aid organization action medeor is supporting people in the region

The German relief organization action medeor has been delivering medical supplies to Ukraine from the very beginning of the war. In this article, read more about the progress they are making.

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The war in Ukraine is causing severe suffering for the people of the country. One of the major challenges is the supply of medical goods. action medeor has been working tirelessly since the outbreak of the war to provide humanitarian aid to people affected, delivering medical supplies to Ukraine. As a long-standing partner of the organization, Sartorius is supporting these deliveries with a donation.

Providing immediate help is essential in this situation. With action medeor as our long-standing partner, we know that the aid reaches those in need. 

Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO and Executive Board Chairman at Sartorius 

Emergency aid boxes waiting to be sent to Ukraine in action medeor’s warehouse in Tönisvorst. Copyright: action medeor

Four Transports Each Carrying 10.5 Tons of Supplies

The first aid shipment arrived in Ternopil, a city in western Ukraine, from action medeor’s headquarters in Tönisvorst on March 1. Since then, another three trucks - all filled with 30 pallets containing medicines and medical supplies, with each truck carrying 10.5 tons - have arrived. More trucks with supplies and two ambulances are currently on their way.

The first transport was unloaded on March 1, carrying urgently needed medical equipment. Copyright: action medeor

The deliveries include urgently needed medicines like painkillers and antibiotics as well as medical equipment such as infusion solutions, bandages, surgical gloves, and oxygen concentrators. The supplies are being sent to a hospital in Ternopil, and from there they are then distributed further and used by those in need.  

Spokesman of the Community Hospital Ternopil, Yuriy Dar, at the arrival of the first action medeor aid transport. Copyright: action medeor 

The medical supplies are urgently needed and are immediately put to use. The number of patients is increasing every day. While we have to care for more and more refugee women, children and families, the challenge of providing good medical care to those who stay is growing, too.

Yuriy Dar, spokesman for the Community Hospital Ternopil

The Community  Hospital generally serves a population of 220,000 people and is now caring for an additional one million displaced people coming from eastern Ukraine. The hospital specializes in surgical procedures, the treatment of burns and infectious diseases, and treats many patients with chronic diseases as well.

90% of the patients being treated by the hospital now are refugees, primarily women and children, seeking protection and medical care due to the war. Most of the current treatments are for hypothermia and pneumonia, along with a variety of chronic illnesses that were no longer able to be treated in other areas. In addition to civilians, many soldiers are also being treated in Ternopil.  

Additional help for people in Moldova

In addition to providing medical and other essential medical supplies, action medeor is also providing food packages to refugees in the bordering country of Moldova as part of a project alliance with the International Blue Cross organization.  

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Action medeor is committed to improving healthcare for people in Ukraine. Find out more about their work and how you can support them.

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