Simplifying Progress

At the customer’s side

Our customers work hard to develop and produce drugs that cure, prevent or halt the progress of diseases. To be successful in their endeavours, they rely on partners who understand their current and future challenges. For 150 years, the Sartorius brand has stood for innovative products and solutions that support the work of scientists and engineers worldwide. In doing so, we have increasingly focused on enabling breakthroughs in life science research and biomanufacturing.

To reflect this evolution, Sartorius has revised its brand identity and relaunched its brand. This relaunch includes more than a revised visual look. We captured the essence of our ambition in a new claim: Simplifying Progress. With our tools and technologies, we aim to simplify our customers’ work and help them to achieve medical progress faster.

Drug discovery has to accelerate

The pathway to developing a new drug is long, arduous and expensive and success is often an uncertainty. The discovery process of biologics, derived from living cells, is complex and a major challenge for the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Bioprocessing has to innovate

Biopharmaceuticals provide groundbreaking medical discoveries & offer patients new, impactful alternatives to traditional treatment options. Manufacturing technologies must evolve to accelerate the process of taking these innovations from the lab to the clinic to increase patient access.

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Living in the bio-century

Global medical knowledge is expanding at a rapid pace. But despite huge breakthroughs, many diseases, such as cancer, rheumatism or Alzheimer’s, are still not curable.

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Mission and Vision

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