Sartorius Campus

Cornerstone for the Future

Flexible, creative and communicative: In an international and fast-growing company like Sartorius, employees are increasingly working on cross-departmental and multi-site projects. The Sartorius Campus offers the opportunity to develop the work styles and approaches of the future. The facts at a glance:

  • Total area of 170,000 square meters
  • Advanced, modular manufacturing units to support lean and efficient operations and ensure productivity and flexibility
  • Office concept that promotes creativity and communication
  • Demonstration laboratory with Sartorius equipment for training

The Sartorius Campus

Outdoor Meeting Spaces

Outdoor meeting spaces on Sartorius Campus give employees the opportunity to relax and connect outside their regular workplaces during breaks.

Inside the Forum

Covering 750 m², the training center and the application labs enable customers to “mix and match” individual products according to their specific applications and test these setups in trial runs.

Kids' Day Care

The company-related day care center provides space for up to 80 children and focuses on promoting their eagerness to experiment and their creativity.

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Visitor Center

The Visitor Center enables guests to experience Sartorius and its products first-hand.

Lab Instrument Manufacturing

The 25,000 m² manufacturing building, put into operation in 2016, won the Global Excellence in Operation Award just two years after production startup for outstanding performance in its value creation chain. 

Administration Buildings

The administration buildings consist of five office units. The fastest routes connecting the administration buildings are the three panorama glass enclosed footbridges.


Open spaces, communication zones, places for creativity: This office concept offers a new way of working in the administration building on the Sartorius Campus.

Car Park | Parking Building

The multi-story parking building opened in 2015 and was extended in 2019. Covering more than 60,000 m², it provides space for 2,250 cars and 200 bicycles.  

Kids' Day Care on Sartorius Campus

Reconciling Work and Family Life

Sartorius has invested around 3.5 million euros in the children’s day care center on Sartorius Campus.

This on‑site day care facility aims to help employees reconcile work and family life, giving parents with small children flexible opportunities to return to their jobs after taking parental leave.

Little Researchers on Campus

Together with the city of Göttingen and the local Workers’ Welfare Association AWO Göttingen, Sartorius offers day care on its campus for around 80 children, ages zero to six, of employees and from the local neighborhood.

The company invested around 3.5 million euros in the 1,200‑square‑meter children’s day care center, which opened in December 2018.

Promoting Eagerness to Experiment and Creativity

The day care center focuses on promoting children’s eagerness to experiment and their creativity. The facility aims to obtain certification based on the House of Little Researchers educational initiative "Haus der kleinen Forscher" supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

To help achieve these objectives, research projects and progress documentation are a regular part of daily activities for the children, and day care staff regularly complete further education courses in STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Local Workers’ Welfare Association AWO

For more information and to register your children, please visit the website of our day care partner AWO Göttingen.

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