Sartorius Campus

Cornerstone for the Future

Flexible, creative and communicative: In an international and fast-growing company like Sartorius, employees are increasingly working on cross-departmental and multi-site projects. The Sartorius Campus offers the opportunity to develop the work styles and approaches of the future. The facts at a glance:

  • Total area of 170,000 square meters
  • Advanced, modular manufacturing units to support lean and efficient operations and ensure productivity and flexibility
  • Office concept that promotes creativity and communication
  • As of 2019: Demonstration laboratory with Sartorius equipment for training

Sartorius Campus in Images

Lab Instruments Manufacturing

With its facility for the manufacture of laboratory instruments, Sartorius provides high-quality production conditions and an efficient work environment.


Open spaces, communication zones, places for creativity: This office concept offers a new way of working in the administration building on the Sartorius Campus.

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center enables guests to experience Sartorius and its products first-hand.

Parking Garage

The 30,000 square-meter parking garage accommodates up to 1,300 cars and 200 bicycles.

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