Diversity at Sartorius

Acknowledging Individual Differences and Embracing the Kaleidoscope of Our Multi-Cultural World

"At Sartorius, diversity is not about statistics. It’s about culture. We foster diversity because it ultimately teaches us to be more open. And we consider openness as a key prerequisite for success."

Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO


Diversity is more than creating equal opportunities for men and women. It is about acknowledging individual differences and embracing the kaleidoscope of our multi-cultural world. Beyond gender, diversity also includes age, ethnicity, disability, religion and sexual orientation as well as education, professional experience, marital status, parenthood and geographic locations. It is Sartorius’ basic attitude to be open to diversity.

Incorporating diversity at all levels within our organization is a strategic objective. We actively recruit and hire talent with a mix of cultures, genders, age groups, educational backgrounds and careers, especially in management positions. The benefits of diverse perspectives and experiences results in better understanding our customers, developing customized solutions and remaining competitive in a global economy.

Diversity Facts and Figures

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Women at Sartorius

At Sartorius, 38% of leaders below the board level are women. Three of them report on their work and provide career tips on the Sartorius Blog.

Jennifer Drucker

Head of Marketing & Communications, Bioprocess Solutions, North America

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Yi Lam

Head of Training China

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Dr. Alexandra Krasnikova 

Head of Product Management, Lab Essentials, Germany

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