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As one of the leading partners in the biopharmaceutical industry, we are committed to contributing to a future, where more people have access to better medicine.

"To Sartorius, sustainability means operating responsibly over the long term – with respect to business partners, employees and society as well as to natural resources. Sustainability is one of our three corporate values."

Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO

Significant Reduction of CO2 Emission Intensity Planned

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Top Stories

Providing Urgent Help in Ukraine 

Action medeor, medical aid organization and long-standing partner of Sartorius, is delivering medical goods to people in Ukraine.

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Women Careers at Sartorius

In 2021, Sartorius welcomed a total of 1,269 additional women to its global team - from the Americas, to the EMEA region, to Asia Pacific.

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Life Science Factory Opens its Doors to Startups

The non-profit Life Science Factory, which was initiated by Sartorius, celebrated its official virtual soft opening on January 19, 2022.

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Youtuber Wins First LifeScienceXplained Award

Martin Moder is the first winner of the LifeScienceXplained award, with which Sartorius aims to honor young science communicators.

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Sartorius employees receive bonus payment

Sartorius will pay a total of around 20 million euros in special bonuses to employees in appreciation of their substantial commitment and special achi...

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Celebrating National Coming Out Day

As an equal opportunity employer, Sartorius takes affirmative action to encourage people to be who they are. In the U.S., the company celebrates Natio...

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Fostering diversity in the workplace and beyond

Mary Lavin, President North America, gives insights into what drives her and her team in making a change inside and outside of the organization.

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Diversity makes the team strong

At Sartorius, we foster diversity because it teaches us to be more open. And openness, one of our company values, is a key prerequisite for success.

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“Tanzania has a severe shortage of well-trained healthcare staff”

Dr. Irmgard Buchkremer-Ratzmann from action medeor explains her organization’s approach to overcoming challenges in developing countries and how Sarto...

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1,800 trees newly planted in Yauco to support biodiversity

Sartorius has recently engaged in a major project. The life science company aims to promote biodiversity at their production sites.

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Further Information and Downloads

Sartorius Group

The Sartorius Annual Report 2021 contains a Non-Financial Group Statement as a separate chapter in the Combined Group Management Report. This Non-Financial Group Statement is subject to an audit within the scope of a limited assurance engagement. The Independent Auditors’ Report is published in the Annual Report.

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech

For the Sartorius Stedim Biotech 2021 Annual Report “Universal Registration Document (complete),” click here.

As of 2018, Sartorius Stedim Biotech is exempt from the obligation of providing a Non-Financial Group Statement. However, we provide our full SSB sustainability disclosure in the GRI Report for Sartorius Stedium Biotech.

This Non-Financial Group Statement is subject to an audit within the scope of a limited assurance engagement. The Independent Auditors’ Report is published in the Annual Report and the Non-Financial Group Statement is published as a separate section in the Combined Group Management Report.

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Sartorius Group GRI Report

PDF | 2.1 MB

Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A. GRI Report

PDF | 1.4 MB

Diversity Fact Sheet

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Sartorius aims to reduce its CO2 emission intensity by around 10 percent annually on average until 2030.

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Petra Kirchhoff
Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
Katharina Tillmanns-Pelzer
Head of Corporate Sustainability

Sartorius is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to sustainable global business.

Sartorius is a member of econsense, the Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business.

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