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Sep 02, 2021
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Part of the Solution: How Data Scientists and Software Engineers in Sweden Help Create Better Medicine Faster 

In Umeå, Sartorius is centrally located with a picturesque view of the Umeälven river

At two of Sartorius’ most Northern sites, in Umeå and Malmö, data analytics experts develop some of the world’s leading data-based software solutions for the life sciences and the biopharma industry. Their ambition: To create insights from data that help reduce the timeline for the development and manufacture of new drugs or vaccines 

Editor's note: This article dates from 2021; the data analytics and software development team in Sweden is now part of the Product Group Digital Solutions which works on advancing the development of software-based products and applications in the Bioprocess Solutions Division.

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Our goal at Sartorius is to help customers to bring novel medications to market faster,” Andreas Norén, Head of Quality at Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics, explains. Data can play a decisive role along the whole process chain for a biopharmaceutical drug. At Sartorius in Sweden, a team of data scientists and software specialists are working on world-leading software solutions for this challenge

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The Umetrics® Suite consists of a set of applications for all steps in the process: design of experiments during the research phase for developing cell culture media and picking the right clone selection; multivariate data-analysis to identify correlations between variables such as product yields and quality while modelling the production process; as well as real-time process monitoring for the optimization of manufacturing processes.

Our tools transform data into knowledge and help our customers see what others do not see. This enables them to make decisions faster,” Andreas says. “With this, our team contributes to our company’s vision: better health for more people. We are part of the solution in helping to develop novel cancer therapies, or maybe someday to find a cure to dementia. This is an incredible feeling.  

Andreas Norén, Head of Quality at Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics and alumni of Umeå University

On the move

A look back: In 1987, five years after the first biopharmaceutical drug was approved for therapeutic use, Umetrics, was founded. Thirty years later, Sartorius acquired the then leading specialist in data analytics software for biopharma processes. Operating as Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics, today, the company is home to more than 80 employees in Umeå and Malmö. 

And it is on the move. Annika Finck, Head of Development at Sartorius Data Analytics joined the company in 2020. After studying computer science, she advanced her career in project and program management, before moving from Malmö to Umeå to lead the company’s transformation towards cloud solutions.  

“It’s an exciting time – and a challenging one. We have created an agile “DevOps” culture within the company, and we are working with big data, Artificial Intelligence, Kubernetes, event driven target architecture and other pioneering methods and technologies. All with the ambition to bring 30 years of software product development from desktop solutions to a cloud-based, regulatory-compliant, data analytics platform that empowers our customers to create affordable and safe products.” 

The Umetrics Suite helps scientists and engineers to create useful information out of data in labs and on product floors

A chance to grow and make an impact 

With ambitious tasks ahead, the organizational structure must lead the way. “We have defined a new team structure, recruited line managers and are expecting to significantly grow the team in the next two years,” Annika says. 

Currently, Sartorius has several vacancies in data analytics and software development in Sweden - and hundreds of open positions worldwide. “We are one of the fastest-growing global life science companies, doubling our revenue every five years to an expected 5 billion in 2025”, she concludes. “This offers the chance to grow along with the company. Andreas, who started his career with Umetrics in 2003 when he was still at university, adds: "Ever since I joined the company, I have had the chance to develop – personally and professionally. With the transformations ahead, this will continue to be a place where people can bring in their skills, thrive and – at the same time.”

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