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As a researcher who every day explores the intersection between the known and the unknown, you develop experiments to extend the realm of what is already discovered. Uncovering and describing unchartered territories requires a solid foundation, a confidence that the results you observe are due to the biology, not experimental artifacts. You can only be as confident in your results as you are in your equipment, so it is critical that you choose reliable tools.

Our portfolio of cell culture technologies spans your needs from essential laboratory tools to advanced technologies. We help you accelerate your discoveries by offering you better data and deeper insights, so you can set your doubts aside and stride towards impactful publications.

Video: Trusting your results

Learn how Stanford scientist Dr. Lisa McPherson gained confidence in her cell-based assays

Your Practical Guide to Basic Lab Techniques

Upgrade your lab technique and grow your confidence in experimental outcomes

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  • Stopping contamination
  • Preparing media
  • Passaging cells
  • Freezing and thawing cells

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  • Protein purification and dialysis
  • Working with secreted proteins
  • Cell health and viability
  • Time-course experiments

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  • Image processing: Removing systematic artifacts
  • Identifying relevant biology in your image

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