Article Collection: Advances in Bioprocessing Cell Line Development

The cell line development workflow is key to cell growth and cell culture maintenance. From creating DNA constructs to cell banking, there are many ways to create accuracy and fidelity in your research. To generate biologics, a vast number of host cell lines are used for protein expression by isolation and purification. This encompasses the process of engineering a host cell line to express therapeutic molecules for patients.


In this article collection, we investigate recent advances in cell line development for biological-based therapeutics. Detailed methods for generating novel CHO cell lines - as well as developing high-throughput clone screening for gene expression - are presented as well as the latest technologies used to generate and grow cell lines.

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Last Updated: September 2022

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand advancements of cell line development for biological-based therapies
  2. Discover new technologies that aid cell growth and cell culture maintenance 
  3. Gain a new perspective on bioprocessing advancements in gene sequencing and editing

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