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Agar Media

Agar media for colony counting by the membrane filtration method or via direct incubation.

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4 Pieces

Lysine Agar Media in 250 ml bottles, 4 bottles per box

  • Time- and cost-saving
  • Compliance with international standards and references
  • Consistent quality

The traditional culture media for microorganisms is agar media . The media are available in two formats. Agar media in tubes are for pouring agar plates. The content of one tube is sufficient for two 90 mm or three 60 mm petri dishes. Agar media in bottles are the cost-effective alternative for casting plates.


Microbiological Testing of Foods, Beverages, Drinking Water and Pharmaceuticals
en 6.9 MB
Mikrobiologische Untersuchungen von Lebensmitteln, Getränken, Trinkwasser und pharmazeutischen Produkten
de 6.8 MB
zh 1.7 MB


  • Application
    Microbial Enumeration
  • Market
    Food & Beverage

Biological Information

  • Target Microorganism
    Wild yeasts

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • Electrical / Battery item

General Specifications

  • Culture Media

Product Information

  • Media Format
  • Pack Size
  • Package Type
    Bottles and Tubes
  • Packaging
    250 ml Bottles
  • Primary Product Type
    Culture Media

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