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Cubis® II Microbalances

Cubis® II Microbalances have readability 1 μg and a maximum capacity between 3.1 g and 10.1 g. Micro balances are used to determine the exact weight of very small sample quantities. They have a unique titanium weighing pan supplied as standard equipment. Non-magnetic and absolutely inert in contact with aggressive substances, the titanium components of Cubis® II Microbalances ensure 100% protected weighing. To reduce environmental influences which impair the reliability of weighing results, the Microbalances are equipped with automatic touchless draft shield, incl. learning function and illumination or stainless steel draft shield for filter weighing applications.

Temperature Management

To maximize the efficiency of your work, at Cubis® II micro balances the electronic box is separated from the weighing module to ensure stable climate conditions within the weighing chamber.

Cubis® II lab balances reflect 150 years of weighing expertise and innovation. We’re so confident that Cubis® II balances will fulfill your laboratory weighing needs that it comes with an industry-leading 10-year free limited warranty for balances purchased and located in USA and Canada.



The modular weighing system Cubis® II can be individually configured from different components. The combinability of the display unit, weighing module, draft shield, software packages for various applications and functions and a comprehensive range of accessories allows the individual adaptation of the Cubis® II balance to all weighing tasks.

Request a quote now to speak with our sales team to configure your Cubis® II balance including software applications and accessories.

User Manual

Cubis®, MCA Models: Micro Balances
en 4.0 MB
Cubis®, MCE Models: Micro Balances
en 3.6 MB

  • Additional Product Specifications
    • S00 Standard version non-verified
    • all units
    • S01 Standard version non-verified
    • metric units only
    • CCN Balance with Type Approval Certificate for China
    • CEU Verified balance with EC Type Approval Certificate (for EU except France)
    • CFR Verified balance with EC Type Approval Certificate for France only
    • OBR Balance with Type Approval Certificate for Brazil
    • OIN Balance with Type Approval Certificate for India
    • OJP Balance with Type Approval Certificate for Japan
    • ORU Balance with Type Approval Certificate for Russia
  • Adjustment
    Internal, isoCAL
  • Balance Type
    Micro balance
  • Data Interface
    • Ethernet (for MCA balances only)
    • USB A
    • USB B
    • USB C
    • RS-232 9 Pin
    • peripheral connector for Sartorius accessories
  • Display
    Large high color touch TFT display (7" in 16:9 format for MCA)
  • Draft Shield
  • Legal Verification
    Legal verification
  • Leveling
  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    2.1 g – 10.1 g
  • Minimum Sample Weight according to USP (typical)
    0.082 mg – 0.82 mg
  • Operation
    Touch screen, gesture sensor
  • Readability
    0.0001 mg – 0.001 mg
  • Regulatory Requirements
    • ISO
    • GxP
    • FDA/USP
    • Verified
  • Weighing Pan Dimensions
    20 × 30 mm