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Embedded Multivariate Data Analytics

SIMCA®-Q automates and speeds up multivariate data analysis, making complex computational tasks routine, while reducing the risk of human error. With SIMCA®-Q you can customize your solution to do exactly what’s needed, calling up prediction models, data overviews, classification routines and batch analyses—all within a work environment familiar to end-users.

Item no.:  UT-SQS-A-SDK-L

Availability:  On Request


SIMCA®-Q simplifies and speeds up routine multivariate data analysis work in a user-recognized environment, allowing you to focus on the results. It also reduces the risk of human errors by automating multivariate modeling or predictions in a structured way.

With SIMCA®-Q, you get:

  • Multivariate Data Analytics that can be embedded
  • Automate and speed up your application
  • Make complex tasks routine and reduce the risk of human error
  • Available for batch, discrete or continuous data
  • Validation Report and Documentation

Technical Note

Interface Description SIMCA-Q 16
en 252.4 kB
Validation report SIMCA 16.0.2
en 67.6 kB

User Manual

User Guide - SIMCA-Q Embedded solution
en 586.6 kB
Readme SIMCA® 17.0.2
en 69.4 kB
Validation report SIMCA 17.0.2
en 89.6 kB


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