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Weight Set

E1 weight sets from 1mg to 10 kg. Up to 500 mg as wire weights, material: special steel, non-magnetizable, density 8.0 g/cm3, highly corrosion-resistant, knob weights highly polished, in wooden case.

Order Number:  YCS31-711-00

Availability:  On Request

Individual E1 weights from 1g to 50 kg. Material: special steel, highly polished, non-magnetizable, density 8.0 g/cm3, highly corrosion-resistant, up to 20 g in plastic case, from 50 g in wooden case.

  • Packaging of the weights: up to 20 g in a plastic case; from 50 g and up in a wooden case; from 1 kg and up, additionaly supplied with gloves

Wight set 1 g - 10 kg , E1


Empfehlungen für die Handhabung, Aufbewahrung und Reinigung von Gewichts- und Massestücken
de 1.9 MB
Recommendations for Handling, Storage and Cleaning of Weights and Mass Standards
en 393.1 kB
Conseils pour la manipulation, la conservation et le nettoyage de poids et d’étalons de poids
fr 398.8 kB
Recomendaciones para la manipulación, el almacenamiento y la limpieza de pesas y patrones de masa
es 397.8 kB
Consigli per la manipolazione, la conservazione e pulizia di pesi e campioni di massa
it 392.4 kB

Product properties

  • Density
    8,000 kg/m³
  • Nominal mass value
    1 g - 10 kg
  • Hardness
    160 – 240 HB
  • Magnetism
    0.01 – 0.5 µT
  • Nominal mass value maximum weight
    10 kg
  • Nominal mass value minimum weight
    1 g
  • Susceptibility
    0.002 – 0.004
  • Material
    Special Steel
  • Adjustment cavity
  • Laser marking
  • Accuracy class acc. to OIML R111
  • Number of single weights
  • Denomination
  • Packaging
    in a lined wooden box
  • DAkkS certificate

Technical attributes

  • Total weight
    21,110 g
  • Materials of Construction
    Special steel, non-magnetizable, density 8.0 ± 0.015 g/cm³, highly resistant to corrosion; knob weights highly polished, magnetic susceptibility 0.002 - 0.004
  • Surface finish
    High Gloss Polished

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