Ensuring Compliance, Reproducibility and Reliability of Your Results

Your Global Life-Cycle Service Partner

We are proud that Sartorius is recognized as one of world’s leading suppliers of laboratory equipment. However, we are aware that supplying world-leading laboratory equipment is only half of our mandate.

Therefore, we also provide comprehensive service over the whole life cycle of your equipment - from the first hello on the phone, up to the last moment our engineer leaves your lab, with your equipment working as exactly as it should.

Globally the Sartorius Laboratory Service division employs over 400 highly flexible and engaged service professional and runs calibration laboratories for pipettes and test weights in most countries.

With our certified and accredited services we guarantee the longevity of your equipment and reduce equipment downtime to limit production losses. We understand the challenges you face as you strive for compliant, reliable, and accurate laboratory data. We help you to obtain faster and constantly reproducible results.

Our Range of Certified and Accredited Service Solutions

Installation - Reliable Results Right From the Start

Key Benefits

  • Perfectly functioning systems, right from the start
  • Seamless integration of equipment into your laboratory environment
  • Optimum system performance and results
  • Expertly trained operating personnel
  • Extended equipment life

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Qualification (IQ|OQ) - Compliance with GMP Requirements

Key Benefits

  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements (GMP | GLP)
  • Audit security
  • All critical equipment aspects
    regimented due to our risk-based
  • Service performed with all required
    regulatory and technical knowledge

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Preventive Maintenance | Service Contracts - Long-Term Process Safety

Key Benefits

  • Extended instrument life time and trouble-free operation
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Expertise straight from the
    manufacturer with specially-trained
    service technicians
  • Full cost control, with service
    contracts tailored to your specific

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Calibration Service - Highest Quality Results

Key Benefits

  • Accredited in accordance with ISO | IEC 17025 in many countries
  • Guaranteed traceability to national standards
  • Clear presentation of all measured results and of the calculated uncertainty of measurement
  • Worldwide recognition of Sartorius calibration certificates by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
  • USP Certificates to achieve and maintaining compliance with USP 41

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