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High-Throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for Faster Hit Identification

To keep pace with the current global demand for antibody fragment characterization, vaccine research and whole cell biologics, continuous technological advances are crucial in helping turn initial research hypotheses into actionable results.

This is especially true within the field of label-free protein analysis.

Accordingly, Sartorius now offers complete bio-layer interferometry (BLI) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) label-free protein analysis solutions to match your current and future research requirements.

With exceptional sensitivity for both small and large molecules, low baseline noise and drift, large injection volumes and novel OneStep® and NeXtStep™ Gradient Injection technologies, the new Octet® SF3 allows users to generate high-quality binding kinetics and affinity data in a fraction of the time compared to standard multi-cycle or single-cycle kinetics.

Combined with software designed by users for users, the Octet® SF3 offers a robust, high-throughput, low maintenance SPR solution for the rapid characterization of a wide variety of biomolecular interactions.

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Octet sensor chip

Octet® SPR Sensor Chips

Sensor chip selection is a critical feature of every SPR assay, with each Octet® SPR sensor chip ensuring accurate and reproducible results.

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Octet® SPR Consumables

An extensive range of Octet® SPR consumables for use with the Octet® SF3.

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Octet® SPR Service Contracts

Octet® SPR services detect potential issues before they develop into future problems; maximizing instrument productivity.

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Features of the Sartorius Octet® SF3

Octet SF3
Octet SF3
NeXtStep™ Gradient Injections
Octet SF3 Racks
OneStep® Injection Technology
  • Two standard injection formats: OneStep® Injection Technology and industry standard multi-cycle kinetics (MCK)
  • Eliminate the need to prepare concentration dilution series for each analyte, saving on time, reagents and plate space
  • Diffuse a single concentration of analyte into a stream of buffer to create an analyte concentration gradient of at least three orders of magnitude 
  • Accurate measurement of molecule kinetics and affinity from a single analyte concentration
NeXtStep™ Gradient Injections
  • Determine the behavior of an analyte in the presence of a competitor molecule from a single injection
  • Assess multiple analytes and competitors in a single assay without the need for the competitor to be present in the running buffer 
  • Clearly determine full binding kinetic profiles, affinity and site-specific competition as a modulation of binding in the presence of a competitor molecule
High-Throughput Sample Acquisition
  • Generate complete kinetics and affinity for up to 768 samples in a single unattended assay
  • OneStep® Injection Technology: More than 72 hours unattended run time and a unique sample layout allows for high-throughput acquisition and analysis of hundreds of samples in a single run, making the Octet® SF3 suitable for even the most high-throughput library screens

Benefits of the Octet® SF3

Increased Buffer Volume

  • Holds up to three one-liter bottles, comprising of one water and two buffer lines 
  • Independently functioning buffer lines, allowing the use of two running buffers to be used during an assay
  • Dedicated water line to minimize the risk of buffer precipitation and blockage formation

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Optimized Fluidics

  • Optimized fluidic system, specifically designed to minimize potential sources of blockage
  • System desorb, clean and decontamination protocols ensure maximum system up-time
  • Novel fluidic design results in a strong, robust, low maintenance system 

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Sample Recovery

  • Recovery of precious samples for further analysis can rapidly decrease workflow times 
  • The Octet® SF3 allows the recovery of bound analyte using a predefined Sample Recovery Injection 
  • The same analyte can therefore be re-used for alternative analytical techniques

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Octet SF3 ChipDock

Thermodynamic and Physiological Measurements

  • Study interactions across a wide range of temperatures to rapidly assess kinetics and affinity of therapeutics at physiological temperatures
  • In-line buffer degassing prevents air bubble formation and when combined with large syringe volume (700 µl) allows the accurate calculation of dissociation rate constants

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Octet® Surface Plasmon Resonance Resources

Octet® SPR Downloads and Guides

Find the latest guides, application notes, white papers and more for the next generation Octet® SF3 Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) platform.



Octet SF3 Instrument Brochure

PDF | 4.8 MB

Octet® SPR Sensor Chips

PDF | 1.3 MB

Octet® SF3 SPR Service Plans

PDF | 2.5 MB

Octet SF3 Pulse Injection - Brochure | Sartorius

PDF | 1.7 MB

Datasheets and Flyers

Octet SF3 SPR Flyer cover

Octet® SF3 SPR Instrument

PDF | 468.7 KB

Octet® SF3 Consumables

PDF | 411.3 KB

Octet® SF3 SPR Maintenance

PDF | 601.7 KB
The Next Generation of SPR-Based Interaction Analysis cover

The Next Generation SPR-Based Interaction Analysis

PDF | 273.6 KB

Octet® SPR Sensor Chip Selection Guide

PDF | 591.8 KB


Best Practice Guide: Octet® SF3 Assay Orientation

PDF | 940.3 KB

Best Practice Guide: Minimize Artifacts 

PDF | 861.4 KB

Best Practice Guide: Octet® SF3 System Maintenance

PDF | 187.3 KB

Best Practice Guide: Minimizing the Effects of Non-Specific Binding

PDF | 120.0 KB

Best Practice Guide: Double Reference Subtraction

PDF | 868.5 KB
Best Practice Guide: Octet SPR Sensor Chip Preparation

Best Practice: Octet® SPR Sensor Chip Preparation

PDF | 99.2 KB
Octet SPR Analysis User Guide
User Guide

Octet® SPR Analysis User Guide

PDF | 2.5 MB
Octet SPR Discovery Software User Guide
User Guide

Octet® SPR Discovery Software User Guide

PDF | 7.6 MB

User Guides

Octet SPR Analysis User Guide
User Guide

Octet® SPR Analysis User Guide

PDF 2.5 MB
Octet SPR Discovery Software User Guide
User Guide

Octet® SPR Discovery Software User Guide

PDF 7.6 MB

Application Notes

application note thumbnail
Application Note

Kinetics Determination of High Affinity Molecular Interactions Using OneStep® Injections

PDF | 212.2 KB
Application Note

Kinetic Curvature: Assessment of Small Molecule Kinetics and Affinity Using OneStep® Injections in SPR Screening

PDF | 289.9 KB
SPR Fragment based drug discovery
Application Note

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) Using Octet® SPR OneStep® and NeXtStep™ Injections

PDF | 5.1 MB
OneStep lead characterization of high affinity biologic interactions
Application Note

OneStep® Lead Characterization of High Affinity Biologic Interactions

PDF | 2.2 MB
Application Note

Recovery of Sample Using the Octet® SF3 - Application Note | Sartorius

PDF | 1.4 MB

Technical Notes

Guidelines for OneStep®️ Assay Design

PDF | 3.4 MB

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