Octet® ProG Biosensors

For Determination of Antibody Concentration:

  • Direct detection of human, mouse and rat IgGs
  • Regenerable and cost-effective format
  • Obtain ELISA data in minutes

Octet® ProG biosensors provide a rapid and direct method for quantifying mammalian IgGs from buffer, media or other complex matrices. Protein G is pre-immobilized onto the biosensors, and binds to rodent and many other mammalian IgGs with higher affinity than Protein A, but does not bind to IgM, IgD or IgA.

In combination with the Octet® systems, Octet® ProG biosensors can streamline bioprocessing applications by providing precise results with minimal sample handling and turnaround times as fast as two minutes.

The biosensors can be regenerated multiple times, providing a cost-effective and time-saving assay format. Using Octet® ProG Biosensors, the Octet® System supports applications from hybridoma screening to media development and chromatography mass balance.

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Protein G (ProG) Biosensors

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