Developed for the Process – Designed for You!

BioPAT® MFCS enables you to incorporate a new standard in bioprocess data management. Its efficient data acquisition and trend monitoring make it an ideal tool for both R&D and process development. The latest Sartorius BioPAT® MFCS is our most recent development of stable and robust systems to ensure the highest process reliability – all backed by our expertise since 1986.

Clear Composition and Design

Experience the attractive and modern software design of BioPAT® MFCS. The intuitive workflow facilitates your daily tasks and its amazingly simple navigation allows rapid access to all the process-relevant information.

Cutting-edge and Compatible Technology

BioPAT® MFCS is compatible with the latest off-the-shelf hardware and software. Quickly collect your data and store it safely in the searchable SQL-database. You will benefit from high performance, scalability and high availability.

Sartorius Service and Support

The Sartorius Service will help you to get the maximum out of your new BioPAT® MFCS. Extensive email support and the possibility to download the most recent version with the latest functionality will ensure reliable operation and easy handling.

Upgradable with Upcoming Modules

Additional modules for the adaptation of BioPAT® MFCS to your individual process requirements will be available in the near future.

GMP compliance

Rely on our comprehensive and long-standing experience with computer system validation. BioPAT® MFCS will support all requirements to achieve full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


With the networking module multiple concurrent users will be able to access current and past batches for evaluation. Enabled by either virtual environments or terminal services, the Network Module significantly reduces IT maintenance and is particularly beneficial for large installations.

Chemometrics & PAT-ability

Future modules for DoE and MVDA enable efficient bioprocess optimization and early fault diagnosis. Moreover, flexible device connectivity based on OPC® improves control of critical process parameters.

Which software is right for me?

BioPAT® MFCS is provided in two versions:

The new BioPAT® MFCS 4 is our most recent software development for reliable data acquisition, effective trend monitoring and supervisory control of all Sartorius BIOSTAT®, Sartoflow®, Certomat® and FlexAct® instruments.

In contrast the proven BioPAT® MFCS/win is a feature rich, fully 21CFR-11 compliant software package with preconfigured modules enabling plug-and-play setup of advanced SCADA functionalities.


Free Demo Version

The free BioPAT® MFCS demo works for 90 days after the first installation and cannot be reinstalled on the same computer.

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Latest Software Update

BioPAT® MFCS is continuously extended with additional features and improvements to ensure robust process performance and compatibility.

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Minimum System Requirements

Multicore 2.5 GHz processor
4 GB memory (RAM)
DirectX 10 graphics device
Network card
50 GB hard disk space
DVD-ROM drive
15.6" monitor (1366 x 768)

Supported Operating Systems (64-bit)

Windows® 7 SP 1 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 10


Brochure BioPAT® MFCS

Data Sheet MFCS 4 Service & Support Package