Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC)

Hydrophobic interaction chromatography is used to separate molecules based on the differences of their surface hydrophobicity. 

The HIC Membrane Can Be Used for the Removal Of:​

  • Aggregates​
  • Host cell proteins​
  • Viruses​
  • Endotoxins​
  • Lipids, dyes, detergents and anti foam agents​
  • Leached chromatography ligands​

Easy to Use:​

  • Plug and play devices from 0.08 ml to 5 l​
  • Can be used like a filter​
  • Flow rate up to 5 bed volumes/min​
  • Re-usable or disposable​

Sartobind® Phenyl

Sartobind® Phenyl is a membrane used in hydrophobic interaction chromatography. It effectively reduces aggregates in flow-through mode and can be used for the capture of DNA/RNA based products. 

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