Data Analytics Remote Support

Umetrics can offer remote support and host meetings with the software TeamViewer. Follow the instructions below.

Note: If your organization has standardized on another remote support or meeting software we can use that instead if you provide instructions.

Enabling Remote Support With Teamviewer

  1. Download and run the software English TeamViewer QuickSupport (no installation required). This works even if you are not an administrator of your computer.

  2. TeamViewer will start and display an ID and a password that you need to provide to Umetrics' support.

  3. The Umetrics' employee can then see your computer's desktop while you are logged in, and interact with you to help you with your problem.

Joining a Teamviewer Meeting

TeamViewer can also be used for meetings where Umetrics shows slides or demos running on our computers. 

To join such a meeting, download and run English TeamViewer QuickJoin

You can also use a Flash-based web page to join a meeting (on that page, click More to enter your name).

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