Support to Optimize Your Data Analytics Processes

Umetrics offers a wide variety of consulting services to help you get your design of experiments (DOE) or data analytics processes set up properly and optimized. Our services include:

  • Application of design of experiments for screening, optimization or robustness testing
  • Application of multivariate data analysis for overview of data, classification or regression modeling
  • Tailoring of our software, such as plugins to support specific data formats, or interfacing Umetrics SIMCA®-Q products to your existing software

We Also Provide

  • Project management
  • Implementation of process supervision systems
  • On-site application-specific training
  • Long-term cooperating services

You can rely on our expertise to help you get started implementing multivariate data analysis and design of experiments while paving the way for self-sufficiency.

The Process

We have an established and documented process that ensures high quality in our Umetrics Suite consulting activities. The steps of the process include:


The pre-study lets us explore your needs. We investigate existing systems and propose appropriate solutions. You'll receive a report that summarizes what we uncovered and suggests a solution that will meet your specific needs. 

Project Specification & Quotation

In this step, we present a project specification along with a quote for the entire project. You'll have a chance to provide your input or ask questions.

Project Implementation

After reaching an agreement about the specification, we begin the analysis, modeling and programming. We'll test the product according to the demands specified in the pre-study. The solution is then implemented, and we'll offer education to your team about the process. You'll receive a report summarizing the steps and result of the implementation.

Project Evaluation

After implementation, we'll evaluate the results to ensure that all of your expectations are fulfilled. You'll receive further support if needed. 

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