Experience the Picus® 2 Difference: How Picus® 2 Benefits You and Your Pipetting

Last updated: August 2023


Want to take your lab productivity to the next level? Picus® 2 electronic pipettes are the perfect tool to make your lab more efficient than ever.

How Picus® 2 benefits your pipetting:

  • Open connectivity
  • 2x faster than mechanical pipettes
  • 8 modes for versatile and demanding pipetting applications
  • Best pipetting results regardless of user experience
  • 100g weight (as light as a mechanical pipette)
  • 95% lighter operating forces to support hand and wrist
  • One hour battery charge for 1000 pipetting cycles

Download our infographic to learn more about how Picus® 2 can benefit you and boost your lab's productivity.

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Key Takeaways

With Picus® 2 electronic pipette, you can

  • Connect the lab    
  • Speed up workflows
  • Improve traceability
  • Increase repeatability
  • Avoid errors
  • Automate documentation

This Resource is Designed for:

  • Lab Researchers and Managers
  • Scientists
  • Clinical Assistant
  • Application Specialist
  • Engineers
  • Chemists

Applications Supported:

  • Long pipetting series
  • Sample Preparation
  • Multi-despensing
  • Open Connectivity during pipetting
  • Versatile and Demanding Pipetting

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