Incucyte® S3 Software (v2018A)

Incucyte® S3 Software (v2018A)

The new Incucyte® S3 Software update (V2018A) is now available for the Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System to provide you with new features that have been highly requested by our users plus more versatility when using the Spheroid Software Module to acquire and analyze images of three-dimensional tumor spheroids.

Three-dimensional tumor spheroids have been instrumental in providing researchers the complexity and heterogeneity required to better mimic in vivo tumor biology in the lab. Whether assaying liquid-based (single-spheroid) or 3D scaffold-based (multi-spheroid) tumor models, the Incucyte provides purpose-built image acquisition and analysis tools for measuring spheroid growth and health over time.

New Features for All Users

  • Multi-image and Movie Export — Quickly select multiple image sites for image export. Simply click on all sites that you wish to export.
  • Graph-on-Graph — Drag and drop to combine two graphs onto either one or two y axes. To do so, simply click View > Drag and Drop > Graph on Graph. Right-click on a graph and drag it to the second graph to combine.

New Features for Incucyte S3 Spheroid Software Module*

  • New Multi-tumor Spheroid Features & Protocol — Follow our protocol to generate multiple tumor spheroids on a base of Matrigel & acquire and analyze images of tumor spheroids using a scaffold-based approach.
  • New Proprietary DF Brightfield for 3D Cell Cultures — Generate high quality, high contrast brightfield images with an extended depth of focus to enable robust image segmentation.

*If you do not currently have a license for the Spheroid Software Module and are interested in purchasing, please request a quote here.

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