Handbook: 5th Edition Live-Cell Analysis

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems and suite of validated assays, are used to monitor cells in real-time for days, or even weeks, directly from the incubator. Researchers studying tumors, immune cells, neuronal cells or complex models, rely on the advanced capabilities of this platform to gain deeper insights about cell behavior and function, in a non-perturbing way. 

The live-cell field is always evolving, and researchers need a way to stay up to date on new instruments, applications, assays and reagents. We created the Live-Cell Analysis Handbook as a companion guide for our Incucyte® users. It includes an in-depth discussion of live-cell analysis, with dedicated chapters for different applications using our validated Incucyte® Live-Cell Assays. The handbook is extremely popular with our users, so we update it every year with our newest offerings. 

The 5th Edition Live-Cell Analysis Handbook carries over the digital upgrades from the previous edition, and features new kinetic assays for phagocytosis, organoid models and label-free cell analysis.

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Table of Contents for the 5th Edition:

1. Introducing Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis

2. From Images to Answers

3. Cell Culture Quality Control Assays

  • 2D Cell Culture Quality Control
  • Organoid Culture Quality Control

4. Kinetic Cell Health, Proliferation and Viability Assays

  • Kinetic Proliferation Assays
  • Kinetic Apoptosis Assays
  • Kinetic Cytotoxicity Assays
  • Kinetic Assays for Studying Cell Cycle
  • Kinetic Assays for Monitoring ATP and Mitochondrial Integrity

5. Kinetic Assays for Studying Immune Cell Models

  • Kinetic Assays for Immune Cell Activation and Proliferation
  • Kinetic Assays for Immune Cell Killing
  • Kinetic Assays for NETosis
  • Kinetic Assays for Immune Cell Differentiation, Phagocytosis and Efferocytosis

6. Kinetic Cell Migration and Invasion Assays

  • Kinetic Scratch Wound Assays
  • Kinetic Chemotaxis Assays
  • Kinetic Transendothelial Migration Assays

7. Kinetic Assays for Quantifying Protein Dynamics

  • Kinetic Antibody Internalization Assays
  • Kinetic Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry Assays

8. Kinetic Assays for Utilizing Complex Models

  • Kinetic Multi-Spheroid Assays
  • Kinetic Single Spheroid Assays
  • Single Spheroid Invasion Assay
  • Embedded Organoid Assay

9. Kinetic Assays for Studying Neuronal Models

  • Kinetic Neurite Analysis Assays
  • Kinetic Neuronal Activity Assays
  • Kinetic Neuroimmune Assays

10. Label-Free Advanced Cell Analysis

  • Kinetic Cell-by-Cell Analysis Assays
  • Kinetic Advanced Label-Free Classification Assays

11. Appendix: Protocols and Product Guides

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