Organoid Models Value to Scientific Research and Organoid Culture QC Importance

eBook: Exploring Diverse Applications Using Organoid Models

Characterizing and optimizing organoid cultures can be challenging due to a lack of validated protocols for reproducible organoid formation. Another hindrance is the limitations of technologies used for monitoring organoid growth over time.

In this eBook, we explore the value of organoid models to scientific research and discuss the importance of organoid culture quality control (QC). Also featured is how label-free live-cell monitoring and analysis can be used to maximize organoid insights as well as key applications of live-cell imaging technology within the field of organoid research.

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Topics include:

  • A new approach for assessing formation and growth of organoid cultures
  • How to standardize and automate organoid acquisition and analysis workflows
  • Tips on applying label-free live-cell monitoring to organoid research
  • A selection of supporting educational resources

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