Concentration at its Best! Only with Sartorius Vivaspin, Vivacell, Vivaflow and Vivacon product portfolios

The worlds best engineered Protein and DNA ultrafiltration devices

Do you need to concentrate your sample for protein chromatography, crystallography, structural analysis and protein assays? Or how about concentrate your e.g. genomic DNA sample prior to your PCR reaction, or your RNA prior to library construction? Our broad portfolio of fast membrane-based products achieves high concentration factors with optimal recoveries of even highly dilute samples.quickly and mildly.

  • Save time and protect your sample, with our fast, industry leading membranes
  • Flexible volumes (0.5 - 5L), wide MWCO (2 kDa to 0.2uM) means ultimate sample size & volume versatility
  • THE solution to many concentration applications

Let the Sartorius Vivaspin, Vivacell, Vivaflow & Vivacon Ultrafiltration Family of concentrators fulfill all your concentrating needs.


Vivaflow® and Vivaspin® Workflow in Protein Research Laboratories

This protocol demonstrates how the Vivaflow® cassettes, Vivapure® Ion Exchange spin columns and Vivaspin® devices can be used in order to perform a complete protein purification workflow, from concentration and diafiltration of the original protein source, a cell culture supernatant, to final concentration | desalting of the purified protein. 

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Concentrate on work! Leave the concentrating of your solution to Sartorius!

Concentration to a defined final volume with Vivaspin® Turbo 15 and Vivaspin® 500

Sartorius' patented dead-stop volume, while initially designed as a protection against concentrating to dryness can also be exploited and used to concentrate to a fixed volume --consistently, lot after lot. Moreover, because Sartorius Vivaspin products perform so consistency, once timings and desired final volumes are determined, reproducible defined final concentrate volumes can be quickly and easily achieved with Vivaspin®

  • Patented vertical membrane design
  • Unfailing product consistency, means unfailing reproducible results
  • Fastest flow rates available
  • Wide assortment of MWCO and fluid volumes available

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PCR Primers getting in the way? Spin them out of the picture with Vivacon 2 & 500

Primer removal after a PCR reaction with Vivacon® 500 & 2

Ultrafiltration involves the isolation and concentration of PCR products using membrane devices. It is rapid, requires very little handling, achieves high recoveries, leaves DNA undamaged, and the concentrated DNA is free of contaminants that may inhibit downstream reactions. Here, we show in an experiment the effective removal of primers using Vivacon® 500 and  Vivacon® 2 ultrafiltration devices and show that the 30 kDa Hydrosart membrane Vivacon® 2 is effective at retaining 300 bp DNA fragments, while removing the 24 bp primers.

  • Easier, cleaner results than with precipitation methods
  • No dilution as with chromatography methods
  • Higher recoveries than older methods
  • Customizable to precise fragment and primer size needs

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Treatment at pH 14? No problem for Vivaspin Turbo 15!

Depyrogenation of Vivaspin® Turbo 15 in comparison to Ultrafiltration devices with a regenerated cellulose membrane

Endotoxins (or Lipopolysaccharides) are a component of gram-negative bacteria cell wall, an often unwanted impurity in laboratory based research due to their inflammatory and pyrogenic effect on mammalian immune systems. Here, the background levels of endotoxin from manufacturing are quantified in both Vivaspin® Turbo 15 devices and 15 ml ultrafiltration devices from another supplier. Additionally, both types of devices were subjected to treatment of 1N NaOH, which is commonly used in laboratories as a basic chemical for depyrogenation.

  • Performance unaffected by pyrogen removal treatment with 1N NaOH
  • Concentrate targets nearly 3 times as fast with >97% recoveries, only with Vivaspin® Turbo 15

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Application Note: Concentration to a Defined Final Volume with Vivaspin® Turbo 15, Vivaspin® Turbo 4 and Vivaspin® 500

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Filter Aided Sample Preparation — (FASP) with Vivacon® 500

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Depyrogenation of Vivaspin® Turbo 15 in comparison to Ultrafiltration devices with a regenerated cellulose membrane

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