Sartorius filter devices tailored for the pharmaceutical industry

Number 1 choice for Quality Product manufacturing

Filtration is an essential process step in pharmaceutical, and bioscientific laboratory applications. With our extensive experience in membrane and filter devices, backed by our legendary product quality, it comes as no surprise then that Sartorius continues to be a leading choice for filters, membranes, and filter devices used in the pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries.

  • Legendary Quality: Quality Assurance in Conformance with the Applicable Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificates; matched to USP, EP, and ASTM external standards as well

Top quality, best engineered microfilters in decades

Microfilters at pharmaceutical level quality

Sartorius started the first ever industrial production of microfilter membranes in 1929. Since then our manufacturing technology has been continuously improved. This tradition for quality combined with the highest industrial standards and our in-house applications know-how enable us to produce microfilter membranes with outstanding performance, quality and reliability.

  • Pore sizes from 0.1um to 5 um, for sterile filtration, particle-, precipitate-, or coagulate removal
  • Legendary Quality and Quality Assurance built in to every lot, and every product
  • Customization and specialized solutions always available

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An Industry Leader in Syringe Filters, leads with an industry leading device, Minisart® Syringe Filters

Minisart® Syringe Filters Removal for Removal of Particles and Microorganisms from Liquids and Gases

Minisart® syringe filters are ideal for clarification of liquids laden with particles, e.g. for preparation of pharmaceuticals or infusion solutions. For sterilization and removal of particles from air and other gases, syringe filters are optimal for sterile venting of containers, bioreactors, fermenters and tubing systems in devices. 

  • Clean and Safe, free of leachables and extractables
  • Acrylic (MBS) housings, choice of membranes

If you need to rely on the quality of your filtrate-- you need our field-proven, high quality Sartorius filter syringes which are the No. 1 choice for reliable, convenient preparation steps.

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Validation Service

Product and process specific filter validation

Various regulations for pharmaceutical products call for monitoring of impact factors on the drug product's safety and efficacy. This includes the evaluation of possible contaminants such as bacteria, toxic substances or particles but also verification of adsorption effects of drug product components to fluid contact surfaces.  Our validation Service provides the closest interpretation of current regulatory requirements and industry standards. Being in-line with the relevant guidelines and PDA TR26 our program includes but is not limited to:

  • Customized Validation Protocol Development
  • Bacteria Challenge Testing
  • Chemical Compatibility Testing
  • Extractables | Leachables Testing
  • Determination of Product Specific Integrity Test Limits
  • Particle Release Testing

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