Sartorius Claristep® Filtration System

Preparing samples by clarification is an essential step prior to nearly all analytical techniques, but particularly important for techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). But HPLC presents some challenges today: HPLC requires precision particle removal, from small volumes, that need to come through filters that don’t add extractables or leachables to the mix that complicate the analysis, and the whole process has to be fast and very easy to use—as HPLC is hard enough, preparing the samples for it shouldn’t be! Fortunately, Sartorius’ legendary ability to innovate has led to the development of a new, easy-to-use and straightforward filtration expressly tailored for today’s HPLC needs. The manually operated Claristep® Filtration System consisting of a station and filter units provides a modern, simple fix for HPLCs demanding needs

  • Up to 8 samples are processed simultaneously
  • Syringeless: No syringe required
  • Portable, no need for a vacuum source or a power supply
  • For sample volumes from 60 μL to 600 μL
  • Hold-up volume < 30 μL

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HPLC Sample Preparation with the Claristep® Filtration System

Less Time

Filter 8 samples simultaneously – without needing any power supply or a vacuum | pressure source.

Less Stress

Simply place the filters on your vials, gently close the station and press on the station lid to filter – that’s it!

Less Binding

Filter your samples with neither detectable adsorption nor releasing compounds from the filter unit.

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Simplify Your Work!

Run up to 8 samples in parallel and outperform syringe filters.

Innovation Means Easy-to-Use!

Makes light work of a tedious sample preparation task.

Sartorius Claristep® Filters: extractable and leachable free

Made of the purest materials, shortest possible sample contact time!

As the sensitivity of automated HPLC analytical instrumentation continues to improve and their requirements for less and less sample volume increases as throughput maximizes, the need for leachable and extractable free clarification devices are is indispensable for achieving the best analytical results. Claristep® Filter units are made of the purest materials, and Claristep® Filter units are quick, allowing extremely short contact times. Less contact, less chance of chemical contamination, it is that simple –but then for Claristep®, simplicity is everything.

  • Short sample contact time
  • Highest purity materials
  • Virtually extractable & leachable free
  • Fast & Simple to use

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The Most Ergonomic Clarification Solution available

Sartorius Claristep® Filtration System: Custom-made for your hand only!

Ergonomics plays an important role in laboratory science because the harder something is to do, often times the less ergonomic it is and the lower the throughput and over all work efficiency of the task. Fortunately, with Sartorius' Claristep® Filtration System, ergonomics was front and center in the design, and the System is likely the most ergonomic clarification system available today.

  •  Up to 8 Samples are pipetted in the filter reservoirs
  •  Close the station lid & sample lids automatically align & seal
  •  Apply slight uniform pressure with the palm your hand
  •  In 3 seconds you're done!

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Application Note:

Ergonomic and Efficient Filtration for Food Analytics

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Application Note:

Claristep® Filtration Assembly: A Novel Sample Preparation Method Suitable for the Analytics of Phthalates in Solid Environmental Samples

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Application Note:

Impact of the Claristep® Filtration System on Recovery and Adsorption of Various Therapeutic Proteins at Low Sample Volumes

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Brochure: Claristep® Filtration System — The Easy Choice – Syringeless and Fast

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Flyer: HPLC Sample Preparation with the Claristep® Filtration System

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