Application Note: Filtration For Food Analytics

In food analytics, clarification by membrane filtration is often an important step in sample preparation for processes like HPLC. Designed for parallel processing of up to eight samples, the Claristep filtration system was examined to determine its suitability for the filtration of food samples. Fourteen commercially available food samples – among them very particle-rich dispersions – were filtered at various levels of dilution with the syringeless Claristep® 0.45 µm and 0.2 µm pore size filters and the manual Claristep® base. Suitable dilutions were also tested with an established syringe filtration system, and the two techniques were compared with regard to ease and comfort of use. The results show which levels of dilution can be expected to result in successful filtration. In comparison to conventional filtration systems, testers consistently reported better ergonomic handling and significant time savings in sample preparation with Claristep.

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