Video and Poster: T Cell Characterization in 3D Cell Models using Advanced Flow Cytometry

Understanding the processes controlling the activation, function, and exhaustion of T cells is fundamental to the identification and validation of novel immunotherapies and to translational biology.  Therefore, assays to accurately profile T cell function and health are critical.

Advanced cell models and advanced high- throughput flow cytometry have the potential to enhance development of novel therapeutics.

This video and poster describe use of the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform, to ascertain T cell phenotype and function in a physiologically relevant 3D co-culture model.  Multiparametric analysis using validated iQue® T cell characterization kits, enables in-depth assessment of T cell phenotype (tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)) and function (spheroid killing) over time.

Utilizing pre-set gating templates within the integrated iQue Forecyt® software, differential activation profiles of infiltrating vs non- infiltrating T cells were easily determined.

The iQue® T cell Characterization kits include cell viability reagents to quantify effector and target cell health, and enable concomitant measurements of secreted cytokines such as Granzyme B (cytotoxic protease involved in tumor cell death).

By combining readouts from multiple kits, complex and translational assays can be developed to provide greater biological insights into T cell phenotype, function and response.  This contributes to improved therapeutics.

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Presenter: Miniver Oliver, Senior Scientist, BioAnalytics Applications, Sartorius

Miniver Oliver is a Senior Scientist at Sartorius, and part of the cell imaging and analysis application group, working within the Europe-based BioAnalytics research team.  Over the past five years, she has specialized in the development of novel kinetic advanced cellular oncology models for Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems and provided expertise to support development of 3D assays for the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform.

Miniver previously worked across several divisions at GlaxoSmithKline, supporting assay development and compound screening.

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