Application Note: Use of iQue® Proliferation and Encoding Dyes for Cellular Assays

Authors: Amber Ward, Kirsty McBain, Nicola Bevan | Last updated: September 2023


Cell proliferation is an invaluable indicator of cell health. Cell proliferation can also be used as an indicator of compound efficacy during drug discovery, such as for immunomodulatory or chemotherapeutic agents.

The control of cell proliferation can be lost, such as in cancer, hyperplasia and fibrotic diseases.

Several approaches can be taken to monitor cell proliferation. However many traditional approaches can be inadequate because they are not amenable to high throughput screening, due to complex workflows, numerous washes and large cell volume requirements.

The use of iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoding Dyes can overcome the above issues. These dyes can be used to generate a range of fluorescence intensities for both suspension and adherent cell lines without fixation. Thus enabling more data to be extracted from a single experiment, saving both time and cost. By differentiating between single generations, these reagents are ideal for both short- and long-term studies (≥ 6 generations).

In addition to quantifying proliferation, these dyes also function as encoder dyes, where differentiation between up to 4 different cell populations within a single channel is possible. Hence conserving the number of channels occupied within an assay and facilitating multiplexing.

This application note highlights the combined high-performance attributes of the iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoding Dyes with the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform. Depicting multiplexed assays in a single assay plate. Air gap technology enables rapid sampling, allowing nuanced differences in cell size, granularity and fluorescence intensity to be determined.

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Key Takeaways

Sections include details of:

  • Assay Workflow
  • Cell Proliferation Dye producing a Linear Response through Multiple Generations
  • iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoding Dyes Compatibility with Adherent Cells
  • Encoder Dyes providing Separation of Differentially Stained Populations
  • Multiplexing Reagents Enriching Assays

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