Webinar: Evaluating Cell Count, Health and Intracellular Marker Expression Using Advanced Flow Cytometry


Evaluation of cell health and cell count is vital when culturing cells, for both maintenance, experimentation and, during cell-line development workflows. The continual monitoring during expansion protocols requires the use of small volume sampling, in combination with fast and reproducible data. 

Further insight around cell profiles during these workflow phases, provides essential information for cell analysis and downstream study. This can be achieved through surface marker profiling and also, by investigating the intracellular characteristics of cells.

In this webinar, you will learn how to acquire this information efficiently.  There is emphasis on the importance of easy to follow protocols, along with suitable reagents and integrated analysis.

Key Learning Objectives

The webinar includes:

  • Details of the analysis of cell viability and profiling of intracellular markers.
  • Tips on how Advanced Flow Cytometry and reagents may be used to characterize cells.
  • Case study data from reagent kits and the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform, highlighting the reproducibility and accuracy of viability and count measurements, combined with data illustrating differences in intracellular marker expression across cell types.

Webinar Speakers

Daryl Cole earned a PhD in Molecular Oncology from King’s College London in 2008 and joined Sartorius in 2021 as a Scientist in the Bio Applications Team.

Working with the iQue®, Incucyte® and Octet® instrumentation, with a focus on iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform applications development. He has over ten years of experience in a range of scientific fields ranging from cancer research, to organoid and stem cell development.

Daryl Cole Ph.D.
Scientist, Analytics

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