eBook: Accelerating Drug Discovery through Systematic Cell and Protein Analysis


Examination of the surface of the cell can identify targets for antibody therapeutics, track surface markers which help recognize different types of immune cells, and find ways to transform “undruggable” targets into “druggable” conformations. 

Secreted proteins add another dimension to phenotypic and target identification screens. 

There is also an appreciation of how cells behave collectively. For example, three-dimensional (3D) cell models or organoid models, may improve target identification, high-throughput drug screening, drug efficacy analyses, and toxicity studies.

This eBook also presents the unique benefits of flow cytometry.

Page count: 46
Read time: 1.5 hours
Target audience: Immunologists, Immuno-oncology, virology researchers, neuroscientists and cancer immunotherapy drug discovery researchers, in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biopharma, research institutes and academia.  

Key Takeaways

The eBook includes the following chapters from experts in the field:

  1. Developing a Novel Multiplexed Immune Assay Platform to Screen Kinase Modulators of T Cell Activation
  2. Drug Discovery Picks Up the Pace, Stays on Target
  3. Overcoming Challenges in the Development of Anticancer ADCs
  4. Novel CRISPR Tool Activates Instead of Editing Human Immune Cell Genes
  5. AI-Driven Drug Discovery Blueprint Could Deliver Better Drugs for Chronic Diseases, Researchers Claim

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