On-Demand Webinar: Accelerating Antibody Discovery using Advanced Flow Cytometry

Duration: 30 minutes

The past decade has seen an explosion in the number of antibody-based therapeutics on the market. A huge driver of this, has been the advancement of technologies which improve the efficiency of antibody discovery.  

Robust, high-throughput techniques for screening antibody libraries, have led to better quality hits in shorter timescales. In addition, combining several in vitro methods to assess a broad range of antibody parameters, such as Fc function characteristics and target binding, builds a full profile of a candidate molecule and informs pre-clinical studies.

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The webinar includes discussion on:

  • The use of advanced flow cytometry to assess antibody/cell interactions in the context of live cell antibody binding, competition and internalization
  • How the high throughput iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform can speed up antibody screening
  • Fc functional characterization of monoclonal antibodies using the iQue® with associated phenotype and function kits 

Webinar Speaker

Kirsty McBain

Scientist, Analytics

Kirsty McBain is a Scientist in the BioAnalytics Group of Sartorius, where she is involved in the research and development of novel applications.

Kirsty’s efforts are focused on the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform where she has supported a number of the immuno-oncology campaigns that are used to exemplify how Sartorius technology can be applied to the drug discovery process. Kirsty obtained a master’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Bristol before joining Sartorius in 2019.

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