eBook: A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Phenotypic Consistency With Automated Stem Cell Isolation and Imaging

 Last updated: November, 16 2023


Stem cells can self-renew and differentiate into a vast array of specialized cell types and are therefore of high value as a research model for studying development and disease. Despite their promise, stem cell workflows are inherently complex in part due to their sensitivity to environmental stress which can cause spontaneous differentiation. Additionally, the lack of standardized protocols in stem cell workflows can lead to inconsistent results.

This eBook provides a comprehensive collection of articles and interviews about the unique challenges scientists face with stem cell workflows and the benefits of automated solutions for stem cell imaging, isolation, and retrieval.

  • Document type: eBook
  • Page count: 44
  • Read time: 45 minutes

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Topics Covered

  • The challenges of stem cell research
  • The benefits of single-cell isolation versus cell population studies
  • Fully automated image-based single-cell and colony picking for stem cells
  • Precise transfer of stem cell clones and colonies
  • Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) culture, maintenance, and characterization

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