An Integrated Workflow for Spatial Single Cell Genome Analysis 

Application Note: Integrated Workflow Enabling Spatial Single-Cell Genomics

Authors: Jon Zawistowski, PhD, BioSkyrb Genomics | Katie Kennedy, PhD, BioSkyrb Genomics | Jay A.A. West, PhD, BioSkyrb Genomics | Jens Eberhardt, ALS Automated Lab Solutions (now a part of Sartorius) | Last updated: 27/09/2022


Cellular heterogeneity dictates the fate of all tissues in normal development and disease pathology. A critical challenge in obtaining high-definition genome data from single cells is the ability to isolate critical cells of interest and amplify the genome with high uniformity and complete coverage.

BioSkryb Genomics and ALS Automated Lab Solutions (now part of Sartorius) have established a workflow to simplify the isolation of single cells from a variety of samples for low-input and single-cell genomics. This application note highlights how next-generation single-cell selection and sequencing technologies are able to obtain high-quality, single-cell genomic data from individual cells at a specific location.

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Key Takeaways:
  • The ability to select and analyze cells from a specific location within a tissue provides spatial and temporal context to our understanding of tumor heterogeneity. With the CellCelector and ResolveDNA™ NGS platforms, you can spatially locate a cell of interest, capture it and amplify the genome for analysis.
  • This combined platform addresses workflow challenges and allows the user to define genomic heterogeneity in any sample type.

                           CellCelector and ResolveDNA™ Workflow

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