On-Demand Webinar: Automating Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation and Transfer

Duration: 29 minutes


Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are considered precursors to metastasis. They mirror tumor heterogeneity and can be found in the bloodstream as either single CTCs or clusters. Non-invasive liquid biopsies from patient blood samples can provide insight into the biological and molecular characteristics of the primary tumor, as well as the different tumor phenotypes present, enabling optimization of treatment strategies and improved patient outcomes. However, numerous issues complicate accurate CTC characterization, including low circulating numbers in the blood, diminished viability, cell loss during enrichment, and white blood cell contamination.

Watch this webinar as Andris Abramenkovs highlights the utility of the CellCelector platform for isolating a wide range of CTC subtypes, drawing from the extensive literature evidence base available.

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Topics Covered:
  • How the CellCelector Flex platform addresses the traditional challenges of rare cell isolation and enrichment
  • Rapid identification, characterization, and transfer of single CTCs or clusters
  • Identification and transfer of rare cells using custom developed consumables, powerful imaging and image analysis, and gentle single cell or cluster transfer

Webinar Speaker

Andris Abramenkovs, PhD

Product Manager


Andris Abramenkovs is currently a Product Manager with Sartorius AG, having been with the company since June 2019. This comes after earning a PhD in Medical Sciences from Uppsala University in Sweden where he researched DNA damage, repair, and treatment options. He aspires to continuously develop his skills and expertise in both research & development (R&D) and scientific projects through problem solving, laboratory experiments, and scientific communication.

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