Viral Vaccine Cell Culture Media

Specialty Media Designed to Allow Maximum Cell Growth and Virus production

Viral vaccines are produced by viral infection of susceptible animal cells or by recombinant protein expression in suitable host cells. A variety of cell lines are used for production of viral vaccines, mostly cells derived from kidneys, such as Vero, MDCK, HEK293 and BHK-21. Others cell types can also be used (sf9, sf21, EB66®, ...) to produce recombinant protein vaccines, also called recombinant Subunit.

Specialty media offered in this category have been designed to allow maximum cell growth and virus production.

Cell lines from different sources may have specific nutritional requirements and may therefore prefer one medium over another. More than one medium formulation should be evaluated to determine the best option.

As a partner of the vaccine industry, we at Sartorius are committed to providing extensive media solutions for developing vaccines using these platforms.

Vero Cell Proliferation

4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 is a chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free medium, developed to support Vero cell growth in 2D monolayers as well as in 3D microcarriers suspension culture systems and optimized for the production of viruses.

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Superior MDCK Cell Proliferation

4Cell® MDCK CD Medium is a chemically defined, serum-free, protein-free, animal component-free, hydrolysatefree medium designed to the growth and infection of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells in suspension conditions, either for research use of for further manufacturing purposes.

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BHK-21 Cell Proliferation

The 4Cell® BHK-21 CD Medium is complete medium, ready-to-use, chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free, antibiotics-free and hydrolysate-free; designed and to reduce costly product purification steps of BHK to support high density growth and maintenance of BHK-21 suspension cell lines used for viral vaccine production.

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4Cell® Insect Cell Proliferation

The 4Cell® Insect CD Medium is a complete, chemically-defined, serum-free, protein-free, animal component-free, hydrolysate-free medium designed to support the growth of insect cell lines derived from Spodoptera frugiperda.

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Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

Production-Focused Approach to Produce Your Unique Media Solutions

Perfect choice for clients who have known, desired media composition and outcome expectations. For critical raw materials, you can either request specific suppliers or rely upon Sartorius' established global network of qualified suppliers. Customized packaging, media formats, and release assays are also available upon request.

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Related Viral Vaccine Media Products

Our portfolio includes others media for Vero, MDCK, Hek 293 cells, for production of vaccines against, for example, influenza, polio, and MMR and other cell lines used in the production of viral vectors 

ProVero™ 1 Serum-Free Medium Allows for High Density Vero Cultures and Good Virus Titer

ProVero™ 1 serum-free medium is protein-free and designed to support the growth of Vero and MDCK kidney cells. ProVero™ 1 Medium includes HEPES and sodium bicarbonate buffer. The absence of proteins and the very low levels of human recombinant insulin facilitate both downstream processing and regulatory compliance. Some Vero cell strains require additional supplementation with 5.0 μg/L rhEGF for optimal cell growth.

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Benefit from ProMDCK™ Outperforming Serum-Free Media

ProMDCK™ are serum-free media dedicated to the growth and infection of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells in all conditions, either for research of for further manufacturing purposes. ProMDCK™ media are optimized for both expansion and virus infection of MDCK cells in planar culture conditions (2D version) and in stirred bioreactors, bound onto microcarriers (3D version).

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Insect-XPRESS™ Is a Proven Easy-To-Use Medium for Viral Infection

Insect-XPRESS™ medium is a protein-free formulation designed to support the growth of insect cell lines derived from Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9 and Sf21). High cell densities can be achieved with suspension cultures of Sf9 cells using Insect-XPRESS™ Medium and an excess of oxygen. This formulation can also be used for stationary mono-layer cultures and shake-flask cultures. Insect-XPRESS™ Medium contains L-glutamine and supports superior production of recombinant proteins with viral vectors such as  Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS).

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4Cell®  Insect 

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