Glass & Quartz Microfibre

Sartorius 100% Quartz and Borosilicate Glass Microfiber Filters

100% Clear choices for demanding filtering needs

Glass and quartz microfiber filters are highly versatile, fast flowing, filters designed for a number of unique uses which require the properties of these highly specialized matrices, yet also can be used in everyday situations for ultimate performance.100% Clear choices for demanding filtering needs

Fast filtering in all situations

Because of their strong, fibrous, and non-clogging nature, glass fiber filters make excellent prefilters for a wide variety of filtration workflows from basic liquid filtration to highly specialized gas and air filtration.  These same properties make glass fiber filters excellent as direct filters too for the clarification of buffers, reagent and protein solutions, as well as gravimetric, air monitoring and wastewater analysis. Their 100 % borosilicate constructions give glass fiber filters a highly pure, extremely white appearance and is the reason that these filters continue to perform over long periods without a loss in performance compared to standard cellulose filters, for instance which demonstrate a decline in filtration performance as filtering load increases.

Quartz fiber filters are made of a specialized crystalline quartz microfiber material and represent the pinnacle quartz technology. Sartorius’ quartz filters are 100% quartz crystal without any addition of glass microfibers or binding agents making them very resistant to heat and highly pure. In addition, the quartz filters, grade Q3400 are tempered to remove all chemically combined water and to give the filters excellent weight and dimensional stability. These highly specialized filters are especially suitable for demanding situations where only the highest purity, yet great durability and retention are required such as in emissions monitoring at temperatures of up to 900° or other high temperature, highly corrosive situations.  

Thus for smooth fast filtering in tough situations, hot, cold, wet or dry, always choose Sartorius glass or quartz microfiber filters

  • Excellent flow rates that won't clog like membrane filters
  • Made for tough filtration situations with 100% borosilicate glass or quartz crystalline construction
  • Made excellent direct or prefilters for extreme filtering workflows
  • Available in multiple grades and diameters from spanning nearly all filtering equipment needs

Filter at 500° C or even 550° C, with a biologically inert, chemically resistant filter, easily!

Choose Sartorius, no binder, Glass microfiber filters!

  • 100 % borosilicate glass purity
  • Fast flow rates
  • High load capacity
  • Excellent retention of very fine particles
  • Suitable for analytical and gravimetric analysis and also as prefilters

100% borosilicate glass microfiber filter that still binds at up to 180°C air or liquid temperatures!

Sartorius glass microfiber filters with binder, made for tough, hot, wet or dry jobs!

  • 100 % borosilicate glass purity
  • Mechanically and chemically stable
  • Choose either hydrophobic or hydrophilic binders
  • Suitable for monitoring air and gas or as a prefilter

Sartorius 100% Quartz microfiber filters

Sartorius 100% Quartz microfiber filters

  • Made of 100% high purity quartz material
  • Tempered version available to maintain strength and dimensional stability
  • Backed by Sartorius’ legendary product quality and quality assurance
  • The only filter for demanding, extreme heat, high purity situations