Soak it up right! Pure blotting paper and consistent CN membrane for reproducible results

Superior paper, superior blots, superb results, only with Sartorius

Perfect blots are about both the membrane and the paper! Sartorius, since 1929 has been the world leader in nitrocellulose membrane production with unprecedented manufacturing consistency and reliability. Sartorius blotting papers are manufactured with only the purest raw materials, ensuring that they will have the maximum degree of absorptiveness, strength and cellulose content. Used together, they provide you with the best possible results for your blots!

  • Blotting papers made of high-purity cotton linters for uniform buffer flow and resulting blots
  • CN membranes made of pure nitrocellulose and produce excellent signal-to-noise blotting results
  • Superior binding capacity and low brittleness

More choices for your every blotting need!

Sartorius' superior blotting papers

Sartorius Chromatography papers are available in a choice of different weights and thicknesses as well as in different formats. They are designed to cover the majority of blotting applications and making this simple task effortless, yet highly consistent.

  • Made of high-purity cotton linters for uniform buffer flow and resulting blots
  • No additives to avoid any interference during the transfer
  • Supplied in sheets, rolls as well as in customized sizes to save time and avoid any waste

Sartorius supplies four grades of blotting papers. Their extremely smooth surface and relatively high thickness provide them with absorption properties and superior uniformity across the entire contact area in the blotting transfer system. The grades BF 2 and BF 3 are made of cotton linters with more than 98 % alpha-cellulose content. The grades BF 1 and BF 4 are made of refined pulp and cotton linters with more than 95 % alpha-cellulose content. Higher grades have increased capillary rise; grades with higher alpha cellulose content will have greater strength and uniformity.

Consistency is The Name of The Game In Assays

Unparalleled lot to lot consistency - for protein and nucleic acid blots

Sartorius nitrocellulose membranes are the perfect choice for protein and nucleic acid blots. With lot to lot consistency, low brittleness and readily wettable properties, they offer all you need for reproducible and blots in your everyday work. Enjoy:

  • Excellent signal-to-noise blotting results
  • High binding capacities
  • Lot to lot consistency