Introducing the New Biostat STR® Generation 3 Powered by Biobrain®

Engineered for Ultimate Upstream Performance

We're excited to welcome you to our webinar, showcasing how our new Biostat STR®️ Generation 3 adapts to changing bioprocessing needs quickly, enabling precise engineering while maintaining consistent productivity and quality.

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Discover how Biostat STR® enables ultimate upstream performance:

  • A new automation platform (Biobrain®) that is equally suitable for process development and commercial manufacturing
  • Easy scale-up from process development to pilot or commercial production with standard configurations and the flexibility to add-on or upgrade optional features
  • A bioreactor portfolio that can support both fed-batch and intensified processes
  • Ability to integrate PAT technologies like BioPAT® Viamass for cell density control and BioPAT® Spectro for Raman spectroscopy

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Get a full understanding of how Biostat STR® can lower your risk of batch loss or inconsistencies and provide efficient production of pharmaceutical products on a commercial scale
  2. See how Biobrain® provides you the flexibility and power to easily make upgrades to your process
  3. Get an insight which Biostat STR® configuration best fits your current needs

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