WEBINAR: High-throughput flow cytometry-based platform for interrogation of genetically-modified lymphocytes: a rapid and efficient method for assessing anti-tumor response


Tamara J. Laskowski, Ph.D.
MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA | Senior Research Scientist


The remarkable discovery that one’s own immune system can become a powerful weapon against cancer has changed the oncology landscape. Immune checkpoint blockade, augmentation of tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) function, and genetic engineering of tumor-targeting CAR T- and NK cells are all immunotherapy strategies which have led to unprecedented results in human trials.  This immense progress has fostered a greater need for technologies that can support the growing requirements of the field in an efficient, time and cost-permissive manner. As an immunotherapy group focusing on both CAR-T and CAR-NK development for hematological and solid malignancies, we sought to address this need. Through a combination of high-throughput flow cytometry and live-cell imaging approaches, we built platforms that allow for simultaneous assessment of immune-cell activation and tumor cell cytotoxicity. This new multi-parametric approach provides greater insight into the biological features associated with specific genetic modifications present in the lymphocytes and allows for better understanding of the kinetics of lymphocyte-mediated anti-tumor activity.

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