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Guide:  Accelerating Cell Line Development for Commercial Product...

Gain insight into pitfalls that biotech companies could face when establishing a cell line development process as well as an effective risk-management...

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Webinar: Effective Cell Line Development

Understand key challenges and considerations for CLD and the impact early decision making can have at later stages of development.

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White Paper: Analytical Power Tools Open Upstream Bottlenecks

Learn how to leverage multiparameter, high-content data from a single-path workflow to accelerate development progress for new therapeutics.

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Accelerate your research by resolving complex cellular research questions via multiplexed analysis in a single well.

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Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2: Automated Bioreactor System

Proven industry standard for high-throughput cell line development and process optimization

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The Octet® BLI is an easy-to use, real-time analytical tool that rapidly screens critical quality attributes.

Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection for Biomolecular Interactions Analysis

Gain unprecedented time and cost savings for kinetics, affinity and concentration assays.

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