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Sartorius Pipetting Academy offers training and content aimed at not only beginners to pipetting but also to experienced lab professionals. Pipetting Academy modules are a balance of theory and hands-on sessions. They are packed with tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your pipetting.

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Pipetting Academy is all about enhancing the quality of your work and pipetting skills and results. 
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ISO 9001 Certified Training Program

Pipetting Academy is an ISO 9001 certified training program. You will get high quality training from the certified Pipetting Academy trainers. The ISO certified Pipetting Academy guarantees that the laboratory personnel will be trained with the pipetting knowledge and skills necessary to master their tasks and meet quality requirements.

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  • the essentials of pipetting
  • correct and safe pipetting techniques
  • pipette maintenance and calibration procedures
  • to apply the best pipetting ergonomics for your daily work
  • to master pipetting for several demanding applications

Attendee from Pharma Company, France

The training was complete, clear and fun, which suited us perfectly.

Attendee from Biopharma Company, USA

Even though I’ve been using pipettes for many years, I learned something new. Great refresher course.

Pipetting Academy Modules

Is laboratory work and their results an integral part of your job?
Are you responsible for quality management or occupational health and safety?

Enroll in the Pipetting Academy now! Pipetting Academy offers useful insight and training for pipetting related topics. It is a comprehensive combination of theory and practice that provides you with knowledge and tips for your daily work. Thousands of laboratory professionals around the globe have been trained in the Pipetting Academy over the past decades.

Sartorius offers several Pipetting Academy training modules - from basic to advanced level trainings. We continuously develop training content and introduce new modules regularly. Select the right modules for your needs!

Are you new to demanding pipetting work?

Do you want to avoid pipetting errors?

The Basics of Pipetting is an excellent package for anyone who is new to pipetting or feels the need to polish their pipetting skills.

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You will learn:

  • to choose the right equipment
  • the basics of pipetting techniques
  • the best practices in lab ergonomics
  • daily maintenance and checking of pipettes

Find out the essentials of what to look for in a pipette and make the right choice!

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Are you aware of ways to protect your health during laboratory work and pipetting?

Do you know the correct posture for various tasks?

The ergonomics module is intended for laboratory personnel and occupational and health professionals who are interested in improving work ergonomics, minimizing ergonomic risk factors and preventing musculoskeletal disorders.

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You will learn:

  • to recognize the ergonomic risk factors in pipetting and lab work
  • to select the right tools and working postures
  • to apply ergonomics and make your work more enjoyable

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Do you want to achieve consistently accurate and precise pipetting results?

Do you know how to select the optimal pipetting tools and techniques for different liquids and conditions?

Pipetting is a precision task influenced by multiple factors. The Pipetting Techniques module is a comprehensive package for mastering advanced pipetting techniques and topics.

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You will learn:

  • to understand the influence of pipetting techniques on pipetting results
  • to identify different sources of error and their impact on your work
  • to select the correct pipetting tools and techniques for different liquids and conditions

Watch the video on how to pipette volatile liquids

Can you identify the risk factors that affect your results in cell culture applications?

Are you taking necessary measures to avoid contamination?

Working in a cell culture lab has special requirements in terms of techniques and equipment. The Pipetting in Cell Culture Applications module is the right choice to take your work to the next level.

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You will learn:

  • how to avoid contamination
  • the best pipetting practices for cell culture work
  • to recognize the factors affecting your results

Do you want to know how to avoid contamination in pipetting? 

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Watch the video on how to pipette cell culture medium

Does your laboratory conform to the regulatory requirements?

Are you risking your results by neglecting regular pipette maintenance?

Regular pipette maintenance and calibration ensures reliable results and conformance to regulations. The Pipetting Standards and Maintenance Module will guide you through the relevant standards, regulations and maintenance programs.

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You will learn:

  • to define your pipette maintenance program according to ISO 8655 standards
  • to handle pipettes as precision instruments
  • to ensure the reliable performance of your pipettes

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Watch the video on pipette calibration

To achieve the best results, protein samples should have a high concentration and maintain a high biological activity. In this Pipetting academy module you will learn

  • Best pipetting practices for Protein work
  • How to ensure your sample quality and yield

DNA and RNA extraction and qPCR assays are the cornerstones of many research in life science. In Best pipetting practices for Nucleic Acid work you will learn 

  • To maintain sample quality and purity
  • To avoid contamination
  • To recognize the factors affecting your results

Have you ever wondered if sample preparation could be the source of variance you see in your cell-based assays?
In Best practices for Cell-based Sample preparation Pipetting Academy you will learn

  • the aspects that affect your cell-based assays with Incucyte or IQue screener 
  • how to reduce variability between experiments
  • how to speed up the workflow and improve your cell health with smart pipetting practices 

Sartorius Lab Academies

The Sartorius Lab Academy is a training program for specialized lab personnel. The program offers seminars tailored to your daily lab tasks to teach you how to enhance operation of your equipment to maximize its performance and to deal with management issues. Our courses offered are specially designed to meet your requirements. On request, we will hold our Lab Academy courses at your own company or laboratory. In this way, we can adapt our course content directly to accommodate your ambient conditions and lab procedures. Our course objective is to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your workflows. Join the ranks of our satisfied users who have done just that after completing our seminars.

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