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The merger of the Sartorius Biotechnology Division with the French company Stedim Biosystems S.A. in 2007 resulted in the new subgroup Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A., which focuses on the biopharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to continuous innovation and the acquisition of companies with complementary technologies, Sartorius has developed into a leading partner for the entire biopharmaceutical value chain - from molecule development to large-scale production. Since 2021, the Sartorius Group has been listed in Germany's most important share index, the DAX.

2007 - Today

2007 Merger to a Total Solutions Provider

Sartorius acquired a majority stake in Stedim S.A., the world market leader in disposable bag systems, and merged its activities with its own Biotechnology Division, which has been particularly active in the fields of filtration, separation, and cell culture technologies. The merger resulted in a leading international partner for biopharmaceutical research and industry. The new Sartorius subgroup, which is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, bears the name Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A., and is headquartered in Aubagne, France.

2009 Sartorius India Campus

Sartorius has been active in India since 1987, and its first own subsidiary was founded in 1994. With the inauguration of the 10,000-square-meter Sartorius India Campus in Bangalore, the company significantly expanded its activities in the country. In addition to bioreactors and other equipment for pharmaceutical customers, laboratory equipment is also developed and manufactured in India. The expansion of the company's activities has taken place against the backdrop of India's growing role in the biopharmaceutical industry and the increased involvement of major international customers in the region.

2013 From 15 ml up to 2000 l - Bioreactors for Every Need

Sartorius acquired the British TAP Biosystems Group through its subgroup Sartorius Stedim Biotech. With this acquisition, Sartorius has expanded its fermentation portfolio to include mini bioreactors in scales ranging from 15 to 250 milliliters, which are used in the early phases of product and process development. The acquired system also enables experiments to be carried out in parallel. The full range of bioreactors now extends from 15 milliliters to 2,000 liters.

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2014 Full Focus on Biopharma

Sartorius sold its still profitable industrial weighing and control technology business to the Japanese Minebea Group, sharpening its focus on its core activities of bioprocess and laboratory. The operating divisions "Bioprocess Solutions" and "Lab Products & Services" each bundle business for similar customer groups and application fields.

2016 Entry into the Field of Bio-Analytics

In 2016 and 2017, Sartorius acquired the two US companies IntelliCyt and Essen BioScience, thus expanding its bioanalytics portfolio. While IntelliCyt has developed a novel cell screening platform for high-throughput analysis of cells, Essen BioScience's "IncuCyte" system enables camera-based analysis of living cells. With these acquisitions, Sartorius' Lab Products & Services Division strengthened its role with biopharmaceutical customers with a view to the drug development phase. Further complementary acquisitions followed in 2020 and 2021.

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2017/18 New HQ: The Sartorius Campus

While the company's headquarters had been located on Weender Landstrasse in Goettingen since 1898, a new site was developed in the Grone district of the city back in 1989 to relocate parts of the production. Subsequently, the site was successively expanded. At the turn of the year 2017/18, the two previously separate locations were finally merged on the site in Grone to form the current company headquarters, the Sartorius Campus.

While the company said goodbye to its former site at Weender Landstrasse after almost 120 years, Sartorius remains connected to the site: In cooperation with partners, the Sartorius Quarter is being developed. One key component is the Life Science Factory, a start-up center initiated by Sartorius.

2020 Simplifying Progress | 150 Years of Sartorius

In the year of its 150th anniversary, Sartorius employed more than 10,000 people worldwide for the first time. The company presented itself with a new visual identity and introduced the brand promise "Simplifying Progress". By acquiring selected parts of Danaher's life science business, Sartorius strengthened both its laboratory and bioprocessing businesses.

To mark its 150th anniversary, Sartorius published a comprehensive, scientific overview of its history. A team of authors take a detailed and exciting look at the company's rise from a precision mechanical workshop to a leading international partner of the biopharmaceutical industry. More about this and other publications can be found here.

2021 Promotion to the DAX

In the fall of 2021, Sartorius AG preference shares were included in the DAX, Germany's leading share index. This would place Sartorius among the 40 most important listed companies in Germany.

Since 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has also led to challenges at Sartorius. The fight against the virus has been closely linked to the development of vaccines. With its technologies, Sartorius has been helping pharmaceutical companies both in the development and production of the mRNA- or vector-based vaccines.

Through several acquisitions via its subgroup Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A., Sartorius has strengthened its offering in the field of advanced therapies, among others.

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