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Virotag® Reagents

Rapid, Direct, Biologically Relevant Virus Quantitation

The Virus Counter® platform and Virotag® reagents were specially developed to quantify viruses rapidly and with high specificity utilizing the Virus Counter® instrument. The reagents offer a biologically-relevant readout with versatility to address unique quantification needs. Virus samples stained with Virotag® reagents are quantified after a 30-minute incubation.

Virotag® DY reagents are based on a dual stain approach that uses fluorogenic dyes to detect virus particles. The reagent can be used for the quantification of all enveloped viruses. The Virotag® reagent product line is based on an antibody-driven recognition of virus particles. Antibodies selected in the Virotag® reagents are labeled with fluorophores and are highly specific for indicated viruses.

Virotag® AB and Virotag® DY Reagents

Use the Virotag® AB (antibody-based) and Virotag® DY (dye-based) reagents to label your virus samples and analyze on the Virus Counter® instrument. Enables real-time tracking of virus titer in your process:

  • Optimize growth conditions
  • Maximize yields
  • Identify problems sooner

Choose the Optimal Reagent for Every Virus Sample

Enveloped Virus

Virotag® DY Reagent

Virotag® Reagent

Enveloped Virus (universal)




Virotag BCVB

Influenza A


Virotag INVA

Influenza B


Virotag INVB



Virotag VSVG*

Non-Enveloped Virus

Virotag Reagent

Adeno-associated Virus 2

Virotag AAV2-3

Adeno-associated Virus 3

Virotag AAV2-3

* for VSV-G pseudotyped Lentivirus

If your sample is compatible with the universal Virotag® DY reagent and an antibody-based Virotag® reagent, please consult a specialist about your specific needs to choose the optimal reagents for your sample.

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Virotag® AB Reagent (Antibody-based Detection)

The Virotag® detection system provides mission-critical data in real-time. This novel technology enables direct, biologically specific quantification of viruses. by utilizing a fluorescently-labeled, high-affinity antibody that binds to a unique epitope expressed by your virus of interest.

Use the Virotag® reagents to label your virus samples and analyze on the Virus Counter® instrument.

  • High specificity due to antibody-based labeling system
  • Enables detection of viruses and virus like particles
  • Ready-to-use reagent with a simple no-wash protocol 

Virotag® Reagent Kits



for Adeno-Associated Virus Serotypes 2, 3


for Baculovirus


for pseudo typed viruses such as Lentivirus or BacMam


for Influenza A seasonal flu virus


for Influenza B seasonal flu virus

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New - Virotag® DY Reagent (Universal Detection System)

The Virotag® DY detection system is a ready-to-use, simple, and universal approach for virus quantification. This reagent is compatible with all enveloped viruses, with single or double-stranded DNA or RNA genome. This universal reagent is based on a dual strain approach that identifies intact virus particles by simultaneous detection of protein and nucleic acid signals. The use of fluorogenic dyes eliminates the need to wash.

  • Universal detection method for enveloped viruses
  • Detect and identify virus particles with a dual signal approach
  • Ready-to-use reagent with a simple no-wash protocol

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Brochure: Meet the Virus Counter® Platform - Rapid, Direct, Biologically Relevant Virus Quantitation

PDF | 1.3 MB

Poster: Rapid Total Particle Quantification for Viral Families With High Potential for Pathogenic Emergence

PDF | 949.7 KB

Poster: Rapid, Real Time Quantification of Adeno-Associated Virus Particles Using Antibody-Based Detection on the Virus Counter® 3100

PDF | 1.4 MB

Flyer: Virotag® INVA & Virotag® INVB Reagents

PDF | 285.8 KB

Application Note: Rapid, Real Time Quantification of Lentivirus Particles Using Antibody-Based Detection on the Virus Counter® 3100 Platform

PDF | 103.5 KB

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