Filtration Systems

Stainless steel filter holders and manifolds, designed to accommodate all types of ready-to-use disposable units and funnels, reusable stainless steel funnels, glass and polycarbonate filter holders.
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Microsart® Combi.jet

A 2-branch manifold made of high-grade stainless steel for vacuum filtration to transfer filtered liquid directly to waste.

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Combisart® Manifolds

Modular system for microbiological analysis or particle count in quality assurance.

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Stainless Steel Manifolds

Traditional multi-branch manifolds and individual filter holders for microbial enumeration.

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Maintenance friendly and performant pumps for smooth and reliable filtration. Complete product range for one to 6-branch filtration equipment.

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Filtration Accessories

From funnel and membrane filter dispensers to filter attachments and colony counters, vacuum pumps, and suction flasks.

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